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Wayfinding project

Phase three - now open to entries

We are now in the third and final phase of our fabulous wayfinding competition. More banners will be hung in central Harlesden, giving local artists of all ages the opportunity to have their work showcased.

The theme this year is 'clean air, clean environment'.

You can find out how to enter this year's competition here - but be quick, the deadline for submission is 9th May.

Many thanks to our sponsors and supporters Abundance Arts, Feelingpeaky, The Beat London, YWAM Urban Key and Mums for Lungs

Phase two - winners' banners now flying in Harlesden

Phase two has concluded, with a well-attended launch event held in September 2022.

Anne-Celine Jaeger won the under 18 category with "Hope grows in your heart".

Julieta Galarza won the 18 and over category with "Love that permeates through unity."

Thank you to everyone taking part in the design competition. We have received 40 entires, and the judges' panel chose 14 to go up on the banners.

The judges' panel comprised:

Errol Donald - HNF culture ambassador
Councillor Mili Patel - Brent Council
Gabriel Parfitt - Local artist
Chris Peak -
Feeling Peaky
Clarissa Woodstock - OPDC Engagement Officer

A community celebration was held on 16th September 2021 at Bramshill Open Space with refreshments, prizes and certificates.


Judges Councillor Mili Patel and Clarissa Woodstock took part in the ceremony. The participants went on a short journey to see the banners from Willesden Junction up to Harlesden High street. A big thank you to YWAMUrban Key for offering refreshments.

Thank you to everyone taking part in the design competition. If you have not seen the banners yet, please walk towards the high street to admire the creativity of our community.

Phase one

In early 2019, we asked local people to submit their designs for wayfinding banners. A two-day drop-in for children was held at Harlesden Library, with a local artist on hand to help the children with their work.


In 2019 Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum started what was planned to be a 3-year programme to introduce wayfinding banners, as part of our work to ensure that local planning authorities recognise the importance of maintaining the ‘gateways’ into Harlesden and ensuring that footfall is directed into Harlesden town centre through the course of the Old Oak and Park Royal developments.

The themes were:

  • What journeys do people in Harlesden take?

  • What inspires you about Harlesden and the journey that it is on?

  • Can art create change in Harlesden and help people find their way around?

The images below show some of the submissions received and the resulting banners, now proudly on display in Harlesden town centre.

Many thanks to our partners and supporters for their invaluable help in making phase one such a success: Brent Council, Abundance Arts, Feelingpeaky, The Beat London, Sainsburys and Argos.


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