Wayfinding project

In 2019 Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum started what was planned to be a 3-year programme to introduce wayfinding banners, as part of our work to ensure that local planning authorities recognise the importance of maintaining the ‘gateways’ into Harlesden and ensuring that footfall is directed into Harlesden town centre through the course of the Old Oak and Park Royal developments.

The themes were:

  • What journeys do people in Harlesden take?

  • What inspires you about Harlesden and the journey that it is on?

  • Can art create change in Harlesden and help people find their way around?

Phase one

In early 2019, we asked local people to submit their designs for wayfinding banners. A two-day drop-in for children was held at Harlesden Library, with a local artist on hand to help the children with their work.

Phase two

This would have taken place in 2020 but has been postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic – watch this space.

Many thanks to our partners and supporters for their invaluable help in making phase one such a success: Brent Council, Abundance Arts, Feelingpeaky, The Beat London, Sainsburys and Argos.