Wayfinding project

Phase two - now live!

It will introduce bright, meaningful artwork created by the community to some of Harlesden's busiest routes. 

We'd like lots of people to make the most of this opportunity, so please see the instructions attached, keep reading to find out the basics and how you and your members & network can get involved.

Please see below for more information, and please click this link to find out how to submit an entry.


The basics
The artworks will be chosen by a carefully selected judging panel and then printed onto banners. 


The theme is 'Hope, Recovery, and Renewal'

  • The aim is to encourage local people to bounce back, and imbuing hope get actively involved in their area for years to come.

  • Recovery from COVID and the devastation it has wreaked across our area.

  • And then Renewal - It is Spring as nature renews herself. We can have a go at starting anew in families, in streets, in communities, and we can do this together as Harlesden. 

The competition is open to all local people - experienced or dabbling - and we're encouraging local groups (especially young people) to think about the theme and get involved. We've partnered with fab local arts group Abundance Arts which will run 2 workshops. (more info will follow)

The prize💰

  • A £50 shopping voucher for 18 and over category

  • A £50 shopping voucher for  under 18's category

The selected winners will have their artwork displayed 

For additional information, please see our social media @HarlesdenForum or email us.


The deadline is Monday 10th May.

Getting involved🖌
As many of you may know already, we spent last year raising funds, receiving advice, and making some great local connections to deliver this three-year project, and now we'd like to ask your assistance to help your network get involved. 

We're looking for individual independent entrants and groups to run free intro sessions & workshops with (providing the opportunity for their members to produce and submit entries). 

You could: 
•    forward this email to your network, 
•    plan a fun creative session on the theme with your members/customers (we can come along to help)
•    mention the competition at your next meeting, session or assembly.
•    help spread the word to other potentially interested groups and individuals by retweeting and sharing our social media posts


To request posters and flyers from us, please send us your address.


Is someone perfect for the judging panel, which we may have missed? Let us know.


Any other queries, get in touch! 


Phase one

In early 2019, we asked local people to submit their designs for wayfinding banners. A two-day drop-in for children was held at Harlesden Library, with a local artist on hand to help the children with their work.


In 2019 Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum started what was planned to be a 3-year programme to introduce wayfinding banners, as part of our work to ensure that local planning authorities recognise the importance of maintaining the ‘gateways’ into Harlesden and ensuring that footfall is directed into Harlesden town centre through the course of the Old Oak and Park Royal developments.

The themes were:

  • What journeys do people in Harlesden take?

  • What inspires you about Harlesden and the journey that it is on?

  • Can art create change in Harlesden and help people find their way around?

The images below show some of the submissions received and the resulting banners, now proudly on display in Harlesden town centre.

Many thanks to our partners and supporters for their invaluable help in making phase one such a success: Brent Council, Abundance Arts, Feelingpeaky, The Beat London, Sainsburys and Argos.