Improving transport in Harlesden

During our recent consultation you have told us that although it is important to have good car access in Harlesden, you also want to ensure the street design is more focused on people, place and environmental quality.


You have told us clearly that good public transport connections are vitally important, especially as Harlesden has very low car ownership (52% of households don’t have a car).


Willesden Junction and Harlesden stations serve our Neighbourhood Forum area but we expect there to be significant increases in the number of people using them with the Old Oak & Park Royal development. You have expressed concerns about the impact of many more people using the stations without them being improved.


You have fed back to us your concerns that regeneration at Old Oak will increase traffic levels in and around Harlesden as traffic ‘rat-runs’ through residential streets to access the new development. The Park Royal Transport Strategy predicts a 7-9% growth in traffic by 2041.


You have also asked for better cycling facilities and a better pedestrian environment.

Our work

Do you want to have a say about transport in Harlesden?

We are always looking for people to join the working groups and we want to hear what you think.

The group meets to discuss the challenges faced by Harlesden with respect to transport and has looked at possible ideas and solutions. We have gathered feedback from you andthe key themes which have emerged and which will be added to the draft plan are:


  • We must see improvements to Willesden Junction station as part of the OPDC plans and that it provides a link between Old Oak and Harlesden town centre.

  • We would like good direct bus service between Harlesden centre and the new regeneration area

  • We need to liaise with OPDC and TfL to see whether a through traffic route from Scrubs Lane to Old Oak Common Lane can be created as part of the Old Oak redevelopment.

  • We should explore traffic management measures to ensure an inclusive, safe and accessible environment for all

  • Improved cycling facilities including cycle parking facilities in the town centre and a new cycle route from Willesden Junction station along Station Road to the High Street

  • Development at Willesden Junction and along Station Road should improve conditions for walking.

To join the working group and find out more email us at: