Better housing for Harlesden

Ever since the Neighbourhood Forum was established, housing has been a key issue for local people taking part in consultation and conversations. Harlesden’s population will continue to grow, as is the case across London, meaning that there will be pressures on available land and housing in the neighbourhood forum area.  


There has been a growth in the number of smaller households (one and two bedrooms) in Harlesden but there are few properties of this kind in the neighbourhood forum area.


Some of the key concerns that have been raised are:

  • Overcrowded housing (36% of all households in Harlesden are overcrowded compared to 11% for London)​

  • Homelessness levels are very high in Harlesden (we don’t have ward level data but Brent has some of the highest levels of homelessness in the country)

  • Housing costs both for renters and those who want to own their home. Currently the cost of homes is well beyond the budgets of most local residents and you have told us that affordable housing is a priority.

  • There are fears that the Old Oak & Park Royal Development will further impact negatively on housing costs in the area.


  • Despite these severe housing challenges we have to recognise that there is little space in Harlesden for new housing developments and that we would look to the new development at Old Oak & Park Royal to meet some of Harlesden’s housing needs.

Our work

Do you want to have a say about housing in Harlesden?

We are always looking for people to join the working groups and we want to hear what you think.


The group meets to discuss the challenges faced by Harlesden regarding housing and has looked at possible ideas and solutions to address this. We have gathered feedback from you and the key themes which have emerged and which will be added to the draft plan are:


  • A proportion of housing in the Old Oak development should be made available for Harlesden residents in need.

  • We need to carefully consider possible sites in Harlesden for the development of new homes.

  • 50% of any new housing in Harlesden should be affordable. Of the affordable housing, 70% of this should be social or affordable rent and 30% should be intermediate housing.

  • New housing developments should include a high number of one and two bed properties to meet the existing need.

  • Generally new developments in housing should not result in a net loss of housing units.

To join the working group and find out more email us at: