Community Facilities

Better community spaces for Harlesden

When we’ve met with you previously, you told us that Harlesden needs more community facilities and meeting spaces in order to meet the needs of the growing population.

Meeting spaces in Harlesden are mainly faith-based, such as churches or halls associated with such institutions. They are currently well used and important thriving community spaces which could benefit from improvement to better serve the needs of the community.


Some residents have said they would like more inclusive community spaces in the town centre where people of all ages and faiths can get together.

Tavistock Hall

Get involved

If you want to get involved in the planning of community facilities in Harlesden, join the:

Community Facilities Working Group

Read the draft chapter of the

Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan for Community Facilities.

Harlesden has reasonable access to leisure and sports facilities. The Willesden Sports Centre is less than one mile from the centre of Harlesden and no part of the area is more than a mile from either Bridge Park or Willesden Sports Centre. 


There is also the Roundwood Youth Centre - a large, modern youth facility on the edge of Roundwood Park which has facilities such as a performance area,a  dance studio and a café.

Willesden Sports Centre

There is currently more than one potential development site within the town centre that could be used for this purpose.

Our work

Do you want to have a say about the community facilities in Harlesden?

We are always looking for people to join the working groups and we'd love to hear what you think.

This group meets to discuss the challenges faced by Harlesden regarding the availability of community spaces and has looked at possible ideas and solutions. We have gathered feedback from you and the key themes which have emerged and which will be added to the draft plan are:

  • You want more community facilities that can be used by all in order to host meetings, events, training or just a place to meet up.

  • You want more inclusive spaces available for community use.

  • You want any development or redevelopment of a site within or close to the town centre to accommodate this.

  • If this is not possible then part of any Community Infrastructure Levy (CIL) funds available for the area should be put towards this.

  • Many of you are keen to protect public houses in the area and consider them to be assets to the community.

  • You want public toilets to be made available in the town centre and feel these should be maintained by Brent council.

To join the working group and find out more email us at: