Environment & Open Spaces

Improving Harlesden's environment

Local resisdents have told us they want to improve Harlesden's environment by making it generally greener and providing more access to open spaces.


Not only will the local community benefit from this but it will also improve perceptions of the area by visitors and those passing through.

Connaught Road

Harlesden has many assets including several listed buildings, a conservation area and to top that, part of the centre is an archaeological priority area. 


There are a many tree-lined residential roads with lots of greenery.  However, most of the neighbourhood has very poor access to open space and suffers from a lack of street greenery. But all is not lost because there is scope for improvement.

Roundwood Park

Get involved

If you want to get involved in the planning of environment and open spaces in Harlesden, join the:

Environment & Open Spaces Working Group

Read the draft chapter of the

Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan for Environment & Open Spaces.

Green and Open Public Spaces

​The diagram above demonstrates that the north-eastern part of Harlesden has good access to Roundwood Park, which has a variety of facilities and boasts a Green Flag award.


Roundwood Park is about 15 hectares and is used by residents of Harlesden and is within a reasonable walking distance of less than half the area’s residents.

However, the rest of the area to the south and west is very deficient in open space.There are three small areas  amounting to only 0.7 hectares.

Our work

Do you want to have a say about the environment and open spaces in Harlesden?

We are always looking for people to join the working groups and we want to hear what you think.


To join the working group and find out more email us at 



The group meets to discuss the challenges faced by Harlesden regarding the environment and access to green and open spaces, and has looked at possible ideas and solutions to these.

We have gathered feedback from you and the the key themes which have emerged and which will be added to the draft plan are:

  • You told us Harlesden lacks green open spaces and cannot afford to lose any of its existing spaces, therefore we must must ensure these are protected.

  • You feel it's important to seek the provision of new open spaces in the areas that are currently lacking them.

  • Those of you with families have told us there is a lack of children's play space in Harlesden, and since the town's child population is higher than the Brent and London average, we must find ways to address this.

  • With few opportunities to create new open space in the area, we will need to seek alternative ways of providing children's play space such as implementing safer streets schemes, where children can play safely near to their homes. 

  • Residents feel that there is "no heart to the community, no civic space or place to celebrate in". Creation of a town square or similar space could provide a real sense of place.

  • You told us that you would like to see improvements to the high street’s appearance, including some of the town's shop fronts. The general look of the area has an impact on people's perceptions of Harlesden.

  • You think Harlesden's environment could be improved by the planting of more trees in the town centre.

The Environment and Open Spaces working group is lead by local resident Nick Jones

Artist impression of Craven Park Road

An example of a 'safe street'