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Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan - plan and supporting documents

The Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan

Please click the image below to open the final Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan 2019-34

HNF NP FINAL_110419.jpg

In addition to the Neighbourhood Plan itself there are a series of other reports and documents that have been produced or commissioned through the neighbourhood planning process. The documents most likely to be of public interest are available below.

Statement of Consultation - how we involved the community - open

Basic Conditions Statement - how our Plan fits with regional and national planning policy - open

Independent Examiner's Report - open

Historic England - Strategic Environmental Assessment screening opinion - open

AECOM report on sites identified in the Neighbourhood Plan - including Harlesden Plaza (p.59 onwards) - open

Non-designated heritage assets - detailed overview - ope​​

Further reading

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