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About neighbourhood planning

What is a Neighbourhood Plan? 

Having a Neighbourhood Plan tells local decision makers and potential developers that we have a strong community, a vision and want to have an active say in improving our neighbourhood.

Neighbourhood Planning also formally enables communities to play a much stronger role in shaping development in their area over the 15-year lifespan of the plan, in ways that really make sense for local people and businesses.

The Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan is a planning guide put together by locals for positive future development in Harlesden. We have spoken to the community and local stakeholders about their views and created a full document detailing our policies and aspirations for:

•    Housing 
•    Local economy
•    Community facilities
•    Transport and access
•    Environment, heritage and open space
•    Community infrastructure projects
•    Local assets, buildings and site designation

You can find out more about neighbourhood planning at the website of the charity Locality.


The video below from myCommunity provides a useful, quick guide to the process.

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