We need as many people from Harlesden as possible to get behind the Neighbourhood Plan on Thursday 30th May!

Please take note of the upcoming dates and click links below for more info:


  • Week of 22nd April: Officially launching our 'yes' campaign - to vote for the Neighbourhood Plan to become official. Also installation of the design competition banner artworks along our streets!

  • Wednesday 24th April 2019: You will be sent a polling card if you are eligible to vote for the Neighbourhood Plan with info about polling stations and postal voting.

  • Thursday 25th April 2019: Late afternoon & evening event to showcase the artworks from the design competition and essential info about the Neighbourhood Plan.

  • THIS IS THE BIG ONE! Thursday 30th May 2019 Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan vote taking place at polling stations around Harlesden. Please add this to your calendar or diary now! Complete the form below if you need more info / are voting / want to support us.