Friday 31st May 2019

Dear neighbour,

Yesterday was a huge day for community empowerment in Harlesden. 1,274 people took the time to go to their polling stations, or send in a postal vote, to take part in the Neighbourhood Plan referendum. Over 89% of voters said 'yes' to make the Plan official. It will now be adopted as a statutory planning policy document to guide development in the local area and formally give Harlesden access to more funding and opportunities for community-focused schemes.

Thank you (particularly to our dedicated volunteers) for getting involved in the Plan development since 2015, and supporting the referendum campaign over the past few weeks. However, this is just the start! We hope you'll join us to begin delivering on our aspirations as a passionate, active and positive community. Let us know how you'd like to take part.

Our next event and 2019 AGM will be announced in the coming weeks. The Forum is in the process of becoming a registered charity; if you are interested in becoming a trustee, or in getting involved in new projects, please get in touch.

Heartfelt thanks again,

Rev. Leao Neto - HNF Chair and the rest of the committee - Paul, Nick, Atara, Megan, Colin and Ricky