Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum
Current activity update - Autumn 2019


Organisational sustainability (resource and governance)


  • Pursuing the registration of the Forum as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation (CIO), including reviewing and updating the constitution

  • Pursuing funding streams to build our capacity to drive change




Updates and meeting content from now on will be organised under the following four strategy areas. We will use these to hold ourselves to account, track our progress and be clear about where new people can get involved.


1. Community voice - engage, represent and be a sounding board for Harlesden’s community


  • Meeting with representatives of local groups and identifying opportunities for collaboration

  • Social media communication strategy and website updating

  • Developing the role of HNF ambassadors


2. Community and economic development - lead, support, deliver and/or influence local projects


  • Working with Brent’s Town Centre team (GLA project)

  • Working with OPDC’s Good Growth and Great Places Scheme (2019)

  • Promoting and making connections with community development organisations


3. Community-led housing & infrastructure - address housing and community space as key development concern in Harlesden and explore opportunities


  • Working with a volunteer with planning expertise, Brent Council, Locality and Crisis Brent to examine opportunities for community led housing

  • Plan to explore next steps for Harlesden Plaza development to include new/revitalised community space


4. Planning & environment champion - safeguard the Neighbourhood Plan, as well as monitor, influence and campaign on issues and opportunities


  • Responding to planning applications identified as relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan

  • Publicising planning issues that are likely to be high-impact and/or relevant to the Neighbourhood Plan

  • Influencing planning authorities (Inc. OPDC Local Plan)

  • The community connection for Brent’s tree planting scheme

  • Neighbourhood Planning - implementation and custodianship of the plan



Your involvement, time and support in any amount is invaluable. Please get in touch to help us in shaping the future of Harlesden: info@HarlesdenNeighbourhoodForum.com

Past events and updates
(See minutes page for meeting notes)

December 2017: General Meeting and winter social

December 2017: General Meeting and winter social

September 2017: Community Workshop: Harlesden Plaza and more!

Tuesday 19th September - arrive at 6:30pm 

Tavistock Hall (Entrance to left side of the Methodist Church), 25 High Street Harlesden, NW10 4NE

The purpose of the workshop is to explore options and ideas for the future of Harlesden Plaza, as well as a couple of other subject areas.

As you may know, in the draft Neighbourhood Plan we propose that the Plaza could be redeveloped with a new layout and a range of different uses to radically improve Harlesden Town Centre for all of the community.


This event follows our review of the public consultation feedback and responses from other official bodies.

In the workshop, with help from urban planning and heritage and environment experts, we will hold some group activities to talk about potential heights, style and material of buildings, layout of the space and types of use. This work will be used to add additional detail to the Plan, and help inform any future design development.

The event is open to everyone, member or non-member. We will provide background information and aids to ensure anybody interested can get involved!


July 2017: General Meeting and summer social

Dec 2016: Outcome Based Review & Harlesden Community Hub Update

Message from Sadie East (Strategic Adviser, Brent Council) following the Festive forum meeting on 14th December.

Dear all,

Thanks again to all who took part in the Harlesden Hub prototype last month. As participants in our Outcome Based Review work and the Hub, we thought you might be interested to read the Hub Update which sets out what we have been doing since the prototype finished and our plans for next steps.


We will be in touch again in the new year to keep you informed of progress. In the meantime, all the best for the festive season.



Click the thumbnail below to view the Harlesden Hub Update.

Harlesden Community Tree Planting

Following the success of the local tree planting project in Kensal Green, Brent council are now extending the project to the rest of Harlesden and they need your feedback!


To find out more about the process for getting trees planted on roads in your area, or reporting dead trees and replacing them, please contact the HNF Environment and Open Spaces leadNick Jones via info@harlesdenneighbourhoodforum.com.