Neighbourhood Planning: the basics

Having a Neighbourhood Plan tells local decision makers and potential developers that we have a strong community, a vision and want to have an active say in improving our neighbourhood.


Neighbourhood Planning also formally enables communities to play a much stronger role in shaping development in their area over the next 15 years, in ways that really make sense for local people and businesses.


The Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan is a planning guide put together by locals for positive future development in Harlesden. We have spoken to the community and local stakeholders about their views and created a full document detailing our policies and aspirations for: Housing, Local economy,Community facilities, Transport and access, Environment and open space, Community infrastructure projects, Local assets, buildings and sites with local potential


Find out about neighbourhood planning at The video below from the website provides a useful, quick guide to the process.

What does it mean for us?

​Now that the Neighbourhood Plan has been adopted via the 2019 referendum, it sits alongside the Local Plan prepared by Brent Council. Decisions on planning applications must now be made using both the Local Plan and the neighbourhood plan.

Communities that have a Neighbourhood Plan and gaining the consent of local people in the official vote, also benefit from an increased proportion (25% against 15%)  of the revenues from the Community Infrastructure Levy generated from developments taking place in their area. This may be used to fund a wide range of infrastructure that is needed as a result of development. These funds will be retained by LB Brent and disbursed after consultation with the local community

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