What is the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum? 

The Harlesden Neighbourhood Planning Forum - to give us our full name - is group of local people working together to make Harlesden a better place in which to work and live. 

The initial purpose of the Forum is to create a Development Plan for Harlesden. This is a document that clearly states what we, as a community, want to see happen in Harlesden. 

So, for example, do we want more affordable housing in the area? Do we need to improve the mix of businesses on the high street? Do we want to protect our pocket parks from development?

We can have our say on all these things - as long as we set it out in our Development Plan for Harlesden. 

Anybody who lives or works within the Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan area may sign up to be a member. Anybody else who would like our latest updates, can subscribe to our mailing list.

Please visit the sign-up page here

Who are we?

The Forum is made up of more than 80 community members representing residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and faith groups within Harlesden. We have a contacts list of hundreds who we stay regularly in touch with.


The Forum is governed by a wholly elected committee of seven members. Elections took place at the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum AGM in June 2019.

Our committee members are:

Chair  Atara Fridler

Co-vice chairs Nick Jones


Treasurer  Paul Anders

Other committee Members Maggie Cox, Madeleine Jennings, Colin George, James Powney

Atara Fridler has lived and worked in Harlesden Since 2005. She has been involved in the Forum from it outset. She has  substantial experience of community development and the voluntary sector and is currently the Skylight Director of Crisis (the national homelessness charity) in Brent. She has a particular interest in community-led housing.

Nick Jones has a keen interest  in how environment and open space can improve quality of life in Harlesden and leads the forum’s support to Brent’s tree planting in Harlesden. Nick is a business development director with knowledge of financial business practice, networking, communication, brand and marketing.

Colin George has lived in Harlesden since 1992 and in Brent over 40 years. During this time, he has been involved with a range of community groups. Colin brings a passion for seeing a thriving high street and a keen interest in planning matters.

Maddie Jennings loves the liveliness of the streets, as well as the huge variety of food and shops available. Maddie’s passion is social justice and she works in managing public affairs for the British Association of Social Workers. She is keen to use her experience to ensure that the Forum continues to lead on making Harlesden better for the benefit of all its residents.  

James Powney is a former borough councillor is familiar with the workings of Brent Council with particular experience in planning, transport and the environment. James is keen to use this knowledge by leading on the Forum’s work to improve air quality in Harlesden.

Maggie Cox has lived in Harlesden for over 20 years, bringing up her family and being involved with her son’s local schools. Having seen the changes in Harlesden she is keen to ensure that residents have a strong voice in influencing future development. 

Paul Anders has lived in Harlesden for over 10 years. His background includes public policy within government and the voluntary sector, and prior to that working in and managing services for people affected by homelessness, mental ill health and substance misuse in London and Sheffield. 

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