What is the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum? 

The Harlesden Neighbourhood Planning Forum - to give us our full name - is group of local people working together to make Harlesden a better place in which to work and live. 

The initial purpose of the Forum is to create a Development Plan for Harlesden. This is a document that clearly states what we, as a community, want to see happen in Harlesden. 

So, for example, do we want more affordable housing in the area? Do we need to improve the mix of businesses on the high street? Do we want to protect our pocket parks from development?

We can have our say on all these things - as long as we set it out in our Development Plan for Harlesden. 

Anybody who lives or works within the Harlesden Neighbourhood Plan area may sign up to be a member. Anybody else who would like our latest updates, can subscribe to our mailing list.

Please visit the Sign up page here

Who are we?

The Forum is made up of more than 80 community members representing residents, businesses, voluntary organisations and faith groups within Harlesden. We have a contacts list of hundreds who we stay regularly in touch with.


The Forum is governed by a wholly elected committee of seven members. Elections took place at the Harlesden Neighbourhood Forum AGM in April 2018 where members of the wider Forum were invited to vote for the elected members of the Committee.


The next election will take place at the AGM in April 2019.

Our Committee members are:

Chair  Leao Neto

Co-vice chairs Atara Fridler & Nick Jones

Secretary  Megan Lewis

Treasurer  Paul Anders

Other committee Members Ricky Gardner | Colin George


We'd love to hear from you